Fiction and Beyond

You may already know Cooperative Press for its knitting books, but we’ve been expanding over the past year to include fiction titles on our roster.

New Releases


Heartworm (Ben Vendetta)

Britpop, booze, cults, and a questionable Chinese restaurant bar? It’s 1995 and small-time music critic Drew has a desire for destruction. While championing an underdog Irish band, Whipping Boy, he embarks on a voyage of sex and drugs from Boston to Belfast while burying memories of his estranged wife – who is now in danger. His life was once saved by rock ‘n’ roll, but it may be too late for redemption in the last days of the music industry before the bubble bursts. Whether dropped by your record label or dropped by a lover-these situations call for a drink.

Press: The Plain Dealer, CoolCleveland, Night FlightHot PressBlurt

Current Titles

HIGH STAKES (Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles Book 1) (Brandy Schillace): Amazon print, Kindle


Hardcore Zen Strikes Again (Brad Warner): Amazon print, Kindle


The National Portrait Gallery of Kessa: The Art of Arabella Proffer (Arabella Proffer): Amazon print


Wivenhoe Park (Ben Vendetta): Print, Kindle


Beautiful Wreck (Larissa Brown): Print, Kindle


See the Wivenhoe Park trailer below…